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Range reboot

Through laziness and trepidation, I have avoided getting my stove fixed for the past two and a half years.  Yes, you read that right.  I have not had a properly functioning stove for most of the time I’ve lived in … Continue reading

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Kitchen Experiement

I’m trying something new in our office kitchen. If it works, it could revolutionize the way that shared office space is managed. Like many work-place kitchens, we have several signs proclaiming things like, “Your mother doesn’t work here; clean your … Continue reading

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Getting to know you

I’ve recently had a flurry of job interviews. Despite the jobs themselves being somewhat different, the interview questions were rather similar.  And of course, the main goal is to find out what kind of person I am in the 45-60 … Continue reading

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TV Tuesday: Less is more

You have to admit, television is pretty awesome in this day and age.  If, like me, you grew up watching threee stations (plus PBS, which did count as a real station because they didn’t have any commercials), the current array … Continue reading

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My brother has a subtle, sardonic sense of humor.  I think it was in that spirit that he bought and wears an “energy band”.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t buy into the dubious claims of these allegedly magical bracelets, but … Continue reading

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Library Science

I had a remarkable revelation last week.  I realized that I want every place to be like the library.  In particular, I want them to be the main branch of the New Orleans Public Library. I always hated going to … Continue reading

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More for your money

I accidentally bought an apple from New Zealand the other day.  I’ve got nothing against New Zealand or its apples, but I really don’t know if I need such well-traveled fruit. Having lived for two years in a place with … Continue reading

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