Suffering from consumption

While the co-pilot was busy flirting with the flight attendants, countless passengers were using their electronic devices during taxi, takeoff and landing.

I’m fighting my way through a bout of “gadget envy”.  I really want to get a new phone, but there is no actual reason for me to get one.  My current phone works fine and I have no professional reason to need a phone with more functions.

I even made a vow to myself two years ago that I wouldn’t get a new phone until the current one broke. This promise came on the heels of watching a beautiful and touching video explaining how young people in developing countries suffer in hazardous mining jobs to fuel our need for ever newer electronics.

Still, I find myself looking at the amazing phones that my service provider will give me for free since I’m “due” for an upgrade.  And then there’s my 15 year old niece who may actually be controlling NORAD satellites from her phone. I’ve even noticed a certain carelessness in the way I handle my current handset, as if I’m hoping for a mishap that will justify a new phone.

I feel like I’m losing the battle; I feel like a compromise to my vow is looming. I need help! There are plenty of places to find out what I should buy, but no one to tell me that I shouldn’t buy anything.

Years ago I heard someone use the phrase, “learning to manage our desires.” This is precisely what I need right now.  But I don’t have time to learn anything.  I need a hotline that I can call.  I need 24/7 access to someone who can talk me down from the consumerism ledge. But wouldn’t it be cool to have a 4G phone so you could have live video chat with the hotline?

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