TV Tuesday: Less is more

You have to admit, television is pretty awesome in this day and age.  If, like me, you grew up watching threee stations (plus PBS, which did count as a real station because they didn’t have any commercials), the current array of tv shows available through cable and satellite providers is astonishing.

It seems as thought there is literally something for anyone and everyone.  Take fish for example: Do you like to fish? cook fish? look at fish? buy fish? save fish? There is at least one show for each of these piscesine (that might be a made-up word) interests.  When I search my cable provider’s guide to find soccer matches, I can see all the soccer-related programming on offer.  Interestingly, quite a few adult channels come up in this search, each featuring some clearly quite naughty soccer moms.

Maybe my early experiences with such limited television selection has affected my response to the current glut.  When I have decided to watch tv, I just don’t seem to be very good at discriminating what is watchable from what is unwatchable.  Having lived through a famine, I seem to have become a glutton. I am too susceptible to the butt-numbing, soul-killing, intellect-stunting shows that fill the schedule.

It would be good if my cable provider would stop being an enabler, though. I can  recognize when I’m watching something awful; I just need an easy way to stop watching it and never watch it again.  My tv needs to show me some tough love. Maybe a “dislike” button on my remote would help.  Once I “dislike” a show, it would be banned for life from my tv. I would never get sucked into a Toddlers and Tiaras marathon ever again.

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One Response to TV Tuesday: Less is more

  1. littlemug says:

    I love the idea of a dislike button. Although I fear I’d get trigger happy and start zapping too much, and only be left with a total of seven shows to watch, after all crud had been weeded out!

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