Lord Moncrief now regrets his hastily made friend request to young Sophie.

Just so you know, I haven’t given up on setting down my ideas to make the world a better place (in spite of itself). It’s just that I have been devoting all my excess mental energy to the molding of young minds.  The molding isn’t going so well, so I’m thinking about a more aggressive approach, like chiseling.

Although I have found it hard to focus on the important work of this blog, I was moved to write due to a disturbing trend I’ve noticed on Facebook.  I don’t tend to be a “fan” of much on Facebook (I mean this in several senses of the word), so this trend is being exhibited in the updates of someone that I know. Yes, in the Facebook parlance, this person would be known as a “friend,” but really, can we at least let go of that pretense?

This particular Facebook person seems to enjoy the medium and provides frequent updates that can be anything from dinner plans to positive affirmations.  To an alarming degree, however, nearly every update is followed by a comment from a certain other Facebook user.  I am assuming that the commenter is actually friend of the updater, but with the frequency and rapidity of the comments, he seems to have crossed a line to stalker.  Friendly and supportive stalker, but stalker nonetheless.  At what point should I start to worry about this situation? Is this some new kind of co-dependency? Is an internet intervention needed?

Surely this is none of my business. But neither are the dinner plans and positive affirmations.  Isn’t that the point of Facebook, to make everything everyone’s business? If Facebook and others of its ilk are giving us this unprecedented access to the souls and psyches of our fellow humans, it is only right that they should also give us the means to act according to what we read there.  Something more than a “like” button.  More like a, “Your co-dependent relationship with your Facebook ‘friends’ diminishes both of you and is sometimes a little disturbing” button.

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