More for your money

The whales' craving for Mexican food led to an ill-advised "Run for the Border."

I accidentally bought an apple from New Zealand the other day.  I’ve got nothing against New Zealand or its apples, but I really don’t know if I need such well-traveled fruit.

Having lived for two years in a place with almost no food choice variety, I developed poor shopping habits.  I became somewhat indiscriminate while at the same time being a bit overwhelmed by the excessive choices available for most products.  As a result, I tend to pick up the first product I find that fits what I’m looking for rather than examining all the choices.  In this case, I took the first Gala apples I saw.

Now having discovered that I made a very carbon-y choice, I’m wondering what I can do.  I’d like for this apple to earn its carbon footprint by being a bit more than just an afternoon snack. Here’s my plan:

1) Eat half the apple.

2) Exhibit the slowly rotting other half in a free art installation about the transience of life or the insidious nature of social decay or something like that.

3) Photograph the installation for a science text book.

4) Save the seeds and plant them all (this will take some work since I will need to find the right environment and then ride my bike to it).

Looks like I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. Where’s my Fiji water?

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2 Responses to More for your money

  1. jcooker says:

    that extra page to accommodate your photo in the science book is gonna cost you some carbon points.

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