Great Moments in Marketing I

The roadies always appreciate it when the groupies are easy to spot.

I passed a new bar in the neighborhood today.  I have to say, even before it opened, I was not a fan.  At one point in my life, a new bar within a block of where I live might have been a welcomed development. But now as a property owner, I just wonder about noise and rubbish and parking.

Although this bar seems to have music club aspirations, they also offer drink specials to entice customers.  Notably, they offer a “Stiletto Night,” wherein women (presumably, but why not men?) get a dollar off the price of their drink for every inch of height of their stilettos.  So, a woman totters in on her 6 inch heels and most probably drinks for free.

On the face of it, this might appear to be a regular ladies’ night with the bonus of more women in stripper shoes.  But wait there’s more! With the direct relationship between heel height and cost-effective drinking, the possibility of drunken stiletto stumbling increases exponentially. Certainly there is a webcam or at least a blog involved.

Anyway, be right back. I have to go shoe shopping.

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