TV Tuesday: Text to vote

When pitted against other entertainments, it turns out that Renaissance Fairs are not that popular.

A huge difference between the young me and the grown up me is my belief about the future. When I was young and under the influence of some rather intense nuns, I really bought into the big Armageddon-y kind of end of the world. Now, I tend to think that it will be more of a gradual erosion that will cause us to turn around one day and say, “What the foie-gras happened?”

The crises that we do see coming may require some serious evaluation of our priorities.  For example, the oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico should lead us to re-assess our relationship with non-renewable energy sources.  What if we decided we wanted to prioritize the use of petroleum products, limiting them to the most valuable sectors of society?  Who would we choose?  How would we choose?

If there is anything that American Idol has shown us, it’s that we have the  ability to evaluate the relative merits of a panel of contestants and then vote enthusiastically for our choice. So I propose that use a similar process to determine who gets the oil.  The show would be called, Who are We Drilling For? and various segments of society would allowed to use petroleum products only by vote of the public. Health care? Arms manufacturers? Professional sports? Plumbers? Lawyers? The film industry? Whose number would you text to vote?

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