Pretend I’m not here

Though she disliked the attention it caused, Philomena did not want to give up the "Top Model" look her personal wind machine provided.

Desmond Tutu announced recently that he is withdrawing from public life.  Can you do that even if you are not famous, because it sounds kind of awesome to me. I get it that he’s not going to do any public speaking or interviews or stuff like that.  But does it also translate into everyday life? Are people supposed to act like you are not famous anymore, or even just ignore you? Do you get to ignore people? (seems like it would be a nice compensation for having spent most of your life in the public eye). I guess if it did translate to your personal life, or if people who weren’t famous could do that, it might be called agoraphobia.

On the other hand, it sure would be nice to get some other famous people to withdraw from public life. Can you imagine how much more actual news might get reported if even a small fraction of celebrities decided not to be “public” any more? But of course, “real” celebrities (movie stars, rock stars, sports stars, politicians and the like) are not the real problem.  It’s the people whose jobs don’t actually require them to be in the public eye, but choose to be there anyway. Although I’d prefer it, I won’t suggest that we deny anyone their 15 minutes of fame. Instead, let’s set 15 minutes as the limit, the maximum. After that, penalties will ensue.

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