Wisdom of the Orient right here at home

The band refused to play, "Brick House" despite several requests.

I have my own ideas about how things should be arranged for maximum productivity and harmony. My own feng shui, if you will.  My friend calls it Sta-shui, but I’m not sure it’s formalized enough for a proper name.

I guess you could say that my approach is minimalist. It involves minimalizing the impact other people have on my life.  So when it comes to my neighbors’ decorating, it’s carpets, carpets, carpets! Create a cocoon for your self and your children that is snug, energy efficient and transmits very little sound.

At restaurants, there should be a sort of green zone around each table that serves as a buffer between our dining experience and everyone else’s. Of course I don’t expect this to happen when the restaurant is full, but in a nearly empty restaurant, I certainly don’t want to be seated right next to the only other table in the place.  Very bad Sta-shui.

Mind you, these are not just my rules.  I think that nearly anyone who chose to follow them would find that they are happier, healthier and less grumpy.

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