Mirror, mirror

Edwina decided that the "Swan Feeding Dress" was definitely worth the extra expense.

I think we’ve all seen this happen:  Once an outfit gets put into motion, that is, once someone walks in it, the shape changes completely. It takes on a life of it’s own.

For this reason, I’ve long thought that fitting rooms should have not just mirrors all around, but also treadmills.  It would be the clothing equivalent to taking a test drive at a car dealership.  Put on the outfit, step on the treadmill and start walking and checking yourself from all angles. You would be able to know if that wrap dress tends to un-wrap and if that slit skirt is showing more than intended (which reminds me: there should definitely be a place to sit down as part of the test drive). In short, you’d be able to see what everyone else sees when you are walking down the street in your new outfit.

Really, would you buy a car just by sitting in the driver’s seat?

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