I care enough to be apathetic

He stayed healthy by maintaining a steadfast disregard for cholera

I’d like to rehabilitate “apathy”. Not just the word, but the whole idea of it. It should be okay not to care about something.

It seems so much more to the point to say, “I don’t care” rather than “I don’t know”. Although both may be true, the root of my not knowing is my not caring.  My apathy is at the heart of the matter, and thus providing me with more information will not help.

Example: Someone approaches you and says, “Have we met?”  While you may not know one way or the other if you have met, it may be more to the point to highlight the irrelevance of the question.  We may have met or not, but since it doesn’t matter, we don’t even have to figure that out.

Unfortunately, people don’t seem to like it when you offer, “I don’t care,” as a response.  Rather than embracing the freedom it implies– freedom to do as they feel, freedom from the opinions of others– people seem to feel offended when you try to let them know that the decision is in their hands.

Example number 2: Your friend/sibling/spouse/parent asks, “Does this outfit look good on me?” Wouldn’t it be great to release them from the need for others’ approval  and affirm your own unconditional regard with an enthusiastic, “I don’t care!” Regrettably , they probably won’t realize that you are really saying, “I love you.”

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