TV Tuesday: What do you know

I like watching Jeopardy.  It makes me feel smart to be able to answer the questions none of the other contestants get. The sad part is that I know that this information is generally useless (and yes, I know that’s why it’s called trivia).

I think it might be good to have a game show that’s something like a cross between Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Survivor, where you are rewarded for the things you know, but for the practical things, not your arcane knowledge. And you don’t have to eat bugs.

In the “Around the House” category, you would have to do stuff like calculate the number of BTU’s you need to effectively cool a 1200 square foot, two story house in Texas. In the “Disasters” category you’d have to know how many hours the food in a full freezer lasts after the electricity goes out. The “At the Office” category would include tasks like editing an email so as not to offend a sensitive co-worker.  It takes a lot more than a familiarity with Renaissance Architecture and Rivers of the World to make it through this life.

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