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My understanding of 83% of what is going on in the world is vague and incomplete. So when I read a headline that Foursquare had surpassed 100 million check-ins, I really wasn’t sure what to do with that information. I’m not sure I understand these social networking geo-location check in sites, despite a friend’s patient explanation. So I flitted around to see if there was something there to tell me what the point is.

I thought that these sites were all about saying to the world, “Look at me! I’m in a place!” Seems kind of narcissistic. However, from my reading I’ve leaned that you get rewarded for things you do.  Really? Rewards for sitting in my pajamas drinking wine? That of course is its own reward, but additional validation is always welcome. In this case, the rewards come in opportunities to meet fiends and like-minded people and share menu tips. Actual monetary rewards are also possible, so that’s cool.

If I were to make a check in site, I think I would market it to people like myself who don’t feel the need for others to know what they are doing and don’t really want to run into people they know, but who do worry about slipping in the bathtub, cracking their heads open and not being found for two weeks. In short it would only serve to let others know that you are still alive. Where you are and what you are doing are not important. It would be called, “If it has been more than 36 hours since the last time I checked in, break down the door to my apartment and call the paramedics dot com,” or “36 hours” for short. “Drag the Lake” is another option.

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