Written all over my face

It's really not wise to call her "moody" while she's armed.

I remember when mood rings first came out. Someone had the genius idea of using liquid crystals that change color in response to temperature changes to dupe people into thinking that they could advertise their moods on their fingers.

As a concept, the mood ring is fantastic. A real mood ring would completely change the course of human history. A real mood ring would mean that you could give someone the finger to let them know that you are angry- or happy- or ‘frisky”- or any of the other emotions that can be expressed as colors.

One of the most important ways in which we need to capitalize on mood media would be in the area of mood typefaces. Years ago, I hit upon the idea of the subliminal font,* which would allow you to express yourself and give the reader a sense of your feelings without any actual evidence that you called your boss an asshole. Like the subliminal advertising of the 1950’s it would flash very briefly on the screen so as to register with the subconscious, but not the conscious mind.

The mood typeface, on the other hand, would clearly and permanently show your mood at the time you wrote whatever it was you wrote. It would come with all the risks and vulnerabilities of complete transparency, but it would also eliminate the need for emoticons.

*For some reason, everyone likes the idea of the subliminal font, but I still haven’t made any money off of it.

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2 Responses to Written all over my face

  1. Xjs says:

    Isn’t there a thing like the mood typeface, and we call it «handwriting»?

    • And if I could easily hand-write this comment for you, I would. As it stands I would have to use a pen tablet or scan in a handwritten note, upload the image somewhere, and link it. Extra work for me and not as immediately accessible for you.

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