TV Tuesday: Reuse, Recycle, Reclaim your dignity

What happens to all the reality show footage that doesn’t fit the narrative? What do they do with all the smart things the “dumb jock” said? What about the times the “bitch” was nice? Or when someone said that they got on the show in order to make friends?

I think they could use that footage to make a new game show. In my show, three contestants compete by re-editing footage of the most hated reality stars, making them into likable characters. The winner would be decided by an audience vote. It would be called  “Take 2” or “Editor’s Choice” or “Perception Filter”.

Like most tv, this show would be a reflection of the larger world.  In this case, it reflects how our perceptions are filtered through someone else’s agenda. Of course, it might be against some kind of Geneva Convention to make game show contestants sit through hours of reality show footage in search of a few good nuggets, so we’d have to make the prize really good.

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