Keeping it real

Eventually, shit got a little too real for the dodo.

Why on earth would anyone want to create a technology that “augments” reality? There is seriously way too much reality already.  It’s everywhere you look.  And, frankly, it’s shocking.

I had only a vague notion about what augmented reality is all about, so I looked it up.  I was right in thinking that it uses technology to “enhance one’s current vision of reality”. As I mentioned, I think my reality is real enough.  What I could use is some augmented realty. Like maybe if you aim your cell phone’s camera at my house, you can see what it will look like when it’s painted and the landscaping is done. Or maybe the view from my apartment can be augmented to remove the hotel across the street.

Rather than augmenting my own reality, I’d really like to augment other people’s.  I can’t imagine that people would say or do the things they do if they were a little more self-aware. An augmented reality mirror could show you how you look when you say hateful things; an AR playback machine would let you hear how your words are understood.

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